Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2019

3 Year 10 months update

Went to an independent eye doctor (not the clinic where I did the later) today for a eye health and vision check. Everything was good with the eye and I could very easily see the 1.25 line with both eyes open. For single eye he only want to 1.0, but that was very easy to vision probable 1.2 per eye as before. Still a bit dry from time to time but very seldom compared to 1-2 years ago.

He also tested that I can see wide, see Color, have enough contrast and no ghosting. All good.

Mittwoch, 8. August 2018

3 year 5 months update

Quick update after 3 years and 5 months.

I didn't go for any more check ups but I feel that my vision is still as good as one year ago.

Regarding my dry-eyes they have got significantly better. I still drop a lubrication drops a couple of times a day, this might be related to the fact that I work in front of computer screens 12 hours per day. I would say that my dry-eye level is now the same as pre-surgery. Back pre-surgery I felt that my eyes got dry after 10-12 hours of contact lens usage, that's probably the same level of dryness I feel now, just that I got spoiled from all the drops, meaning that I got used to the feeling of being completely non-dry.

I plan to do a check-up latest at 4 years, will update the blog again then if not before.

Donnerstag, 6. April 2017

2 years checkup

Today I did my 2 years checkup although it’s soon 2 years and 1 month since I did my TransPRK eye laser surgery. In Switzerland where I live you usually don’t do a checkup after 2 years (normally last one is at 1y) but its recommended to do a yearly checkup of eye health, especially for people who did eye laser surgery. I choose to do it as I wanted to check my general eye health, do a vision test and talk to the surgeon about why I still have dry eye symptoms (although very mild now). I will break this post down accordingly below.

General Eye Health
My general eye health was fine. I had normal eye pressure and my cornea looked healthy. Nothing special to comment here.

Vision Acuity Test
My vision was unchanged since the 1 year checkup, which was exactly what I hoped for. I could see the 1.0 line very clearly with one eye open at the time and with both eyes open I got all digits right on the 1.25 line.

I am very happy my vision stayed on this level after 2 years. This is really more than I could ever have hoped for since I only achieved about 1.0 binocular with contact lenses and glasses before the surgery.

Quick translation for those of you that are used to a different scale:

Decimal (used in Europe)    Foot (used in US)            Popular talk

1.0                                                     20/20                                          100%
1.25                                                    20/16                                         125%
Dry Eye Symptom

I got confirmed that my eyes are a bit dry. I was however told that it’s not because my tear glands produce too little tears, instead it’s my eye lids that produce too much tallow. I was recommended a treatment of cleaning the eye lids in the evening and putting in a night cream. I will make a new post in a month commenting on how this worked out.

Samstag, 18. März 2017

2 years

Already 2 years have passed since I did my TransPRK eye laser surgery. Everything feels good, except that I am still a bit dry sometimes. Vision feels sharp.

Decided to actually go for a 2 years checkup to check vision, health and humidity/dryness levels of my eyes. Will write on the blog again after I have done this.

Sonntag, 26. Februar 2017

23.5 months

23.5 months today - not much new to report. Trying a new Type of Systane drop and a spray called "Tears again". I have a feeling they work pretty good, I drop quite infrequent. Will make a larger update here after I pass the 2 year mark.

Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2017

22 months update

So, more then 22 months have passed since my TransPRK eye laser surgery. Not much changes to report since my 21 month update, I still see very good and I use even less lubricating eye drops compared to one month ago. I think I am starting to get my nerve recovery status back over some threshold where I soon don't need to drop any more. Compared to the same time one year ago, I am dropping significantly less. Getting more and more happy with my decision to do this surgery.

Next update in a month.

Samstag, 24. Dezember 2016

21 months update

11 days late with this one and now it's Christmas Eve so I make it quick. Nothing much changed since last month, only thing is that I drop a bit less lubrication drops, but I am still using that. Still hoping it will all be fine at 24 months. Merry Christmas !